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Lumber Loc hidden deck fasteners

Lumber Loc® hidden deck fasteners work with all types of woods, exotic hardwoods, wood composites, and plastic lumber.

When changes in temperature and climate occur, deck boards will naturally expand and contract. Lumber Loc® hidden deck fasteners were specifically designed to address the expansion and contraction problem regardless of different climates and regions of the world. Lumber Loc hidden deck fasteners are sold world wide.

Deck building with Lumber Loc hidden deck fasteners will make deck and boat dock construction easy.

Deck fasteners work with many deckiing materialsLumber Loc hidden deck fasteners are an innovative deck material for 2010! Hailed by many as the favorite invisible deck fastener for composite decking, plastic boards & hardwoods alike, these convenient biscuit style deck clips help keep your new deck project cutting edge in a competitive industry. We attribute part of Lumber Loc's success to the important functionality of our patented expansion wings that control movement of decking boards besides just the design aspect of freeing your decking surface of unsightly pop ups of screws or (gasp) nails.

hidden deck fasteners are ideal with Ipe deckingThe hidden fastener industry is changing and growing every year, and Lumber Loc is proud to sell fasteners that are made in the U.S.A. for deck boards all over the world! Contact us today to find a fastener supply house near you or to get a free sample of our plastic deck fastener mailed to you today.