The Perfect Marriage - Lumber Loc® Exotic Hidden Deck Fasteners
Exotic Hardwoods and Composite Decking

biscuit joiner makes hidden deck fasteners installation easy

Installation Instructions

The only Hidden Deck Fastener that allows for expansion and contraction on the length and width that naturally occurs on all lumber. Eliminate pre-drilling with Lumber Loc® Exotic Fasteners!!!

Installation Instructions for Lumber Loc® Exotic Hidden Deck Fasteners Lumber Loc hidden deck fasteners installed in decking boards

  1. Fasten first board to deck (outside edge) with screws or nails. The second deck board is fastened with a Lumber Loc® Fastener. One fastener per board joist intersection.
  2. Installation instructions using a biscuit joiner saw: (See figures #1,#2, & #3). If you remove top guide plate on biscuit joiner saw and allow saw to rest flat on joist you will achieve the proper height necessary for perfect side slot for Lumber Loc® Fastener. Set saw blade depth at 5/8". Cut slot at the center intersection of deck board and joist with a biscuit joiner saw.
  3. Lumber Loc® Fastener will automatically maintain a 1/4 inch uniform spacing between the boards.
  4. Eliminates pre-drilling of screw holes in Exotic Hardwoods.
  5. Place Lumber Loc® Fastener in slot centered on joist. Fastener legs must rest flush on joint after insertion.
  6. slot your decking material to install hidden deck fasteners
  7. Next, install the included stainless steel trim head screws at slightly less than a 90 degree angle through the Lumber Loc® Fastener. The screw head should be relatively flush with fastener. See figures #1 & #3.
  8. Do not over tighten screw so as to bow fastener. Just snug. The fastener wing must remain parallel to the joist so that the next deck board fits snugly. You will find Lumber Loc® user friendly and efficient.
  9. Repeat the process for each board until the outside edge of the last board is fastened with screws or nails.
  10. Numbers of Lumber Loc® Fasteners required per square foot:
    • 3 1/2" Board (2x4) on 16" center joists 2.75 Fasteners per sq. ft.
    • 3 1/2" Board (2x4) on 24" center joists 2.00 Fasteners per sq. ft.
    • 5 1/2" Board (2x6) on 16" center joists 1.75 Fasteners per sq. ft.
    • 5 1/2" Board (2x6) on 24" center joists 1.00 Fasteners per sq. ft.

Dimensions of Lumber Loc® Exotic fastener:
Width - 1 1/16" Wing Depth - 7/16" Length - 1 7/8" Height - 9/16"
Shrinkage and expansion of decking materials may vary according to choice of product, climate and region of the country. Consult with your supplier on these matters.

Lumber Loc hidden deck fastners without stainless steel trim head screw               Lumber Loc hidden deck fastener side view with deck joist & deck lumber